Families for Effective Autism Treatment of Rhode Island

How FEAT/RI Can Help You

FEAT/RI is very proud to be able to offer many supports and resources that are available to members, as well as non-members of FEAT/RI. These supports include:.
An Informational Telephone Hotline that provides support and advocacy to individuals and families affected by autism. Call (401) 886-5015.
An Informational Web site that broadens FEAT/RI’s outreach to parents, families and professionals in need. FEAT/RI information is also available in Spanish. Visit www.featri.org
FEAT/RI Maintained Autism Resource Library that contains resources materials, training materials, books, and videos on Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis
The Annual FEAT/RI Conference, Autism:Sharing the Knowledge, that features locally and nationally recognized professionals in the field of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.
The six week FEAT/RI Autism Training Initiative (ATI), a comprehensive training series that empowers families and professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to improve the lives of those with an autism spectrum disorder they work and care for. The FEAT/RI ATI will assist families and professionals in increasing their insight and skill level to develop and implement individually appropriate programs for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, gaining the knowledge necessary to better support individuals with autism, not only in their classrooms, but also in their communities.
the FEAT/RI Guest Speaker Series and Support Groups that features local professionals presenting on a variety of topics related to autism and special education issues.
Assistance with Locating Resources – FEAT/RI’s ongoing collaboration with the many Autism agencies, organizations, and service providers nationally, and within the state of Rhode Island, enables FEAT/RI to better assist parents, families, and professionals with locating the resources and supports that are appropriate for their needs.
If you are a family member of professional, and you would like more information on Autism, FEAT/RI, or upcoming FEAT/RI activities, you can contact us at (401) 886 5015, email [email protected], or visit our web site at www.featri.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

What FEAT/RI Does

FEAT/RI EDUCATES parents, physicians, educators, professionals, state legislators, and the community on autism, and the effective treatment of individuals with autism using methods such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Cialis has been a wonder drug. I am a 39 year old with a perplexing erectile dysfunction problem. Cialis from Viagrasuisse was the best option for me. I had to deal with minor flushing issues but everything was fine once I worked out the dosage issues.

FEAT/RI provides information regarding available services and resources in RI, information on funding, and information on legal resources.

FEAT/RI ADVOCATES for families and individuals impacted by autism. FEAT/RI advocates for effective autism treatments to government agencies, school districts, and other funding sources and media organizations.

FEAT/RI provides SUPPORT for families and individuals impacted by autism. FEAT/RI provides support from experienced parents and through membership. FEAT/RI maintains an informational telephone hotline and website to assist with outreach support. We facilitate and coordinate reference material lending for local libraries as well as FEAT/RI members. We support the continual education in the area of effective research-based autism interventions for existing and new teachers, family members, physicians, and other professionals who work in the autism community. FEAT/RI supports interventions that are scientifically validated treatment practices using high ethical standards.

FEAT/RI INCREASES AUTISM AWARENESS through various community outreach efforts and ongoing collaboration with many other autism organizations nationally and throughout the state.
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