Intensive Intervention

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a precise, data-based approach to developing skills and addressing the needs of individuals with autism. Every skill is broken down into small steps and taught systematically in a one-to-one teaching session and small groups. The individual is provided with repeated learning opportunities that present clear, simple cues; prompts to enable success; and immediate and consistent rewards for correct responses. Skills are also generalized across environments. Skills such as observing, listening, following directions, and imitating provide the foundation for teaching more complex skills such as communication and social interactions. Behavioral excesses (such as tantrums and aggression) are not reinforced. Instead, more appropriate behaviors are taught in their place.
The most effective intensive behavioral programs for autism:
The effects of intensive behavioral programs can be profound. Many individuals develop skills that enable them to attend regular school programs and to be more successfully included in their communities than they would otherwise. For families, every step the individual with autism makes towards appropriate developmental functioning provides a solid basis for optimism about the individual’s future which leads to independence.
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